Why Jasmine Milk Tea is a Popular Prink Choice and Benefits

Jasmine tea is a beautiful tea made from dried jasmine petals. As its name suggests, the main ingredient of the tea is jasmine. Jasmine is of Asian origin. From time immemorial, Asians have been impressed by the aroma of this plant, dried its petals, and turned it into tea. You can buy original jasmine tea in Asian grocery stores. Jasmine milk tea is delicious and healthy. Growing in a warm Asian climate, this tea can quickly heal you with its vitamins when you are sick. In addition, this tea, which will amaze you with its aroma, will lift your mood and give you energy. 

What is jasmine milk tea made of? 

Jasmine milk tea is made by adding jasmine tea leaves, milk, and honey. Jasmine milk tea contains milk, honey, jasmine petals, a combination of green and black tea, which will give you vitality by destroying toxic substances in your body. This tea has become a favorite of many people with its aroma and creamy taste. 

What does jasmine milk tea taste like? 

Jasmine milk tea has a beautiful aroma that will amaze you with its taste and its fragrance. When you taste jasmine milk tea, the creamy top layer and honey mixture will enchant you with its unique aroma at the same time. Some cafes and restaurants use extra sugar to enhance the sweetness of the tea. But, if you are not a sugar lover, you can classically order jasmine milk tea. So, guys, You have to taste the jasmine milk tea to know how great it tastes.

Lose weight with Jasmine milk tea

Jasmine Milk Tea and benefits

Drinking jasmine milk tea regularly can help you lose weight. Due to its composition, it can burn excess fat in the body when taken regularly. Jasmine milk tea is also suitable for oral health. The ingredients of this tea can protect your oral health. 

Side Effects of jasmine milk tea

Jasmine milk tea does not have a lot of side effects. The only side effect may be caffeine, which can cause insomnia when drinking too much. Avoid drinking this tea too much if you do not want to suffer from insomnia due to its caffeine content. Pregnant women should drink this tea in moderation.

How to make jasmine milk tea at home?

Jasmine milk tea is not very difficult to prepare. First of all, I would like to inform you about the ingredients you will need:

Boiled water, Jasmine tea, Honey, Milk, Jasmine flowers.

Secrets of making jasmine milk tea:

Boiled water: the temperature of hot water should be about 180F

Jasmine Milk Tea and benefits

Jasmine: It is recommended to use 4 or 5 flower buds for each cup. Put the petals of jasmine tea in warm water and leave for a few minutes. Then strain through a sieve.

To save time, you can buy jasmine powder sold in grocery stores and add it to your tea. If you do not have jasmine tea, you can also use green tea or jasmine tea powder. 

Honey: You can add honey or sugar if desired

Milk: You can use almond, oat, or coconut milk to make jasmine milk tea. Using coconut milk can make your jasmine milk tea even tastier. If you like creamy jasmine milk tea, you can use almond or oat milk with a high percentage of cream.

Jasmine flowers: Dried jasmine flowers will make your iced jasmine milk tea even more delicious and give your tea a beautiful decoration. (If desired, you can add dried jasmine flowers. It is added to the tea for pleasant decoration and additional sweetening.)

Add the jasmine tea leaves to the teapot, add water and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Add honey to a jar, pour jasmine tea over it, and mix. Add milk and jasmine flowers to the tea, mix again and wait for it to cool. Cover with a lid and refrigerate. After cooling, strain the jasmine flowers. Next, add the prepared Jasmine milk tea to a glass cup for a decorative look and crushed ice. And the last one, add cooked tapioca boba pearls to the glass. Finally, your Jasmine tea is ready.

Jasmine milk tea, which has become everyone’s favorite with its beautiful appearance and enchanting aroma, is very healthy. At the same time, this tea will help you lose weight and maintain good oral health. 

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