What is Coconut Milk Tea? How to Make Coconut Milk Tea

Coconut milk tea is one of the ideal tea choices for those who like to try different flavours. The main ingredient in coconut tea is coconut milk. An additional ingredient in coconut milk tea is black tea and sugar. The Taiwanese first prepared coconut tea. One of the other main ingredients of coconut milk tea is Boba. If you want to give your coconut tea an extra flavour and decorative look, you can add Boba. Coconut milk tea is vegan and perfect for your health. 

What is coconut milk tea made of?

Of course, coconut milk tea is made with coconut milk, which is the main ingredient. Coconut milk tea is made from black tea with an attractive aroma and colour. Liquid sugar is used to sweeten coconut milk tea. Boba is added to your drink with extra flavour and a stunning decorative look. Vanilla is added to the glass to give it a different aroma and sweetness.

Benefits of Coconut Milk

How to Make Coconut Milk Tea

Coconut milk has many health benefits. Coconut milk is a great idea to relieve the tiredness of a tiring workday. Coconut milk will help you to reduce stress and increase your energy. Coconut milk is an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight. At the same time, coconut milk is beneficial in strengthening children’s immune systems. Coconut milk will help you get rid of the fatigue and stress of the day. Did you know the essential benefits of coconut milk for hair? Coconut milk will brighten your hair and add beauty to your hair by protecting it from harmful elements. 


Boba is used to give cold teas a taste and attractive decoration. What is Boba made of, and how does it taste? Boba is made from flour, water, and sugar. Boba is boiled in water and added to your drink to give your cold drinks a decorative look. Boba looks like small balls and plays an excellent role in adding flavour to your cold beverages with its sweet taste. You can easily make Boba yourself at home with three ingredients. Add five cups of water and Boba to the pot and boil for fifteen minutes. Boil the Boba until it rises to the surface of the water, then strain it. 

Coconut Milk Tea Ingredients and Recipe

To make coconut milk tea, firstly, you need coconut milk. Make sure coconut milk is oily. This is important to make coconut milk tea more delicious. Another valuable ingredient for making coconut milk tea is black tea. You can use any black tea to make this drink. Then add liquid sugar to your glass and mix. It is important to use liquid sugar to make the drink completely soluble and smooth. Try not to use powdered sugar. You can add Boba to give your drink a decorative look. You can buy a boba tea or make it yourself easily. To save time, you can buy Boba in Asian grocery stores. The recipe for the Boba is written above. Vanilla is added and mixed to add extra flavour and aroma to the drink. 

How to make coconut milk tea

How to Make Coconut Milk Tea

As easy as pie! In general, making coconut milk tea at home can take up to twenty minutes.

Boil and strain the Boba according to the recipe above, then add to the glass to make coconut milk tea. Or you can buy Boba from Asian grocery stores and add them to your drink. 

Add a little vanilla and mix gently. You need to mix carefully so as not to crush the Boba. 

Then add tea to the water, infuse, strain the tea leaves, and add the water to your drink. By the way, using jasmine tea will make your drink taste more attractive and fragrant.

Whisk coconut milk until smooth, and then add it to the drink. 

P.S make sure coconut milk is full of fat; this is important to make your drink more creamy. 

Then add some ice to your drink and mix. And here, finally, your drink is ready! 

If you have any questions about the preparation of coconut milk tea, you can write in the comments section.

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