Lavender Tea: A Soothing and Delicious Drink

lavender tea

Everyone loves lavender for its appearance and aroma. Lavender is mainly used to give soaps a pleasant aroma. Lavender tea is usually drunk for soothing purposes. Lavender tea, which is very useful for your health, will help you to maintain your oral health and healthily lose weight. This tea is made from dried petals of … Read more

What is Coconut Milk Tea? How to Make Coconut Milk Tea

How to Make Coconut Milk Tea

Coconut milk tea is one of the ideal tea choices for those who like to try different flavours. The main ingredient in coconut tea is coconut milk. An additional ingredient in coconut milk tea is black tea and sugar. The Taiwanese first prepared coconut tea. One of the other main ingredients of coconut milk tea … Read more

Why Jasmine Milk Tea is a Popular Prink Choice and Benefits

Jasmine Milk Tea and benefits

Jasmine tea is a beautiful tea made from dried jasmine petals. As its name suggests, the main ingredient of the tea is jasmine. Jasmine is of Asian origin. From time immemorial, Asians have been impressed by the aroma of this plant, dried its petals, and turned it into tea. You can buy original jasmine tea … Read more

Best Japanese Teas – Hokkaido, Okinawa & Royal Milk Tea

Best Japanese Teas - Hokkaido, Okinawa & Royal Milk Tea

There are many different types of Japanese teas available on the market, but when it comes to the best Japanese teas, there are a few select varieties that reign supreme. Here is a look at some of the best Japanese teas you should try. Hokkaido Milk Tea Royal Milk Tea Okinawa Milk Tea Hokkaido Milk … Read more

What is Taro Milk Tea? Taste and Benefits

What is Taro Milk Tea? Taste and Benefits

If you’re a fan of tea and taro, then you’ll love taro milk tea! This delicious drink is made by combining taro, milk, and tea. As a result, it has a creamy and sweet taste that’s sure to please your taste buds. Taro milk tea is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a refreshing … Read more

Differences Between Tapioca Starch & Flour – Which is Better

Tapioca Starch

What is Tapioca Starch? Tapioca starch is a type of starch extracted from the cassava root. It is a white, powdery substance that has a slightly sweet flavor. Tapioca starch is gluten-free and can be a thickener in soups and sauces. It is also used as a binding agent in gluten-free baking. What is Flour? … Read more

What is Tigermilk Tea? How to Make It

Classic Tigermilk Tea Recipe

Tigermilk tea is the name of a set of smoothies (and some other things) that were developed by fitness guru Richard Lee. According to many people, Tigermilk tea can have great results if you use it in combination with intermittent fasting. Tigermilk tea consists mainly of low-carb protein drinks with added supplements, so you will … Read more

What is Boba Tea? The Best Boba Flavors

What is Boba Tea? The Best Boba Flavors

Boba tea is a black boba pearls drink. It consists of boba pearls at the bottom, ice, milk or cream base flavor, and water. Boba tea originated in Taiwan during the late 1980s to early 1990s. The boba pearls are either made from tapioca starch or rice flour. Boba tea usually contains boba pearls, jelly … Read more