Best Japanese Teas – Hokkaido, Okinawa & Royal Milk Tea

There are many different types of Japanese teas available on the market, but when it comes to the best Japanese teas, there are a few select varieties that reign supreme. Here is a look at some of the best Japanese teas you should try.

  • Hokkaido Milk Tea
  • Royal Milk Tea
  • Okinawa Milk Tea

Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido milk tea is a tea made with Hokkaido milk and black tea. It has a sweet and creamy taste, and it is often served cold.

Hokkaido milk tea is a popular drink in Japan, and it can be found at most convenience stores and coffee shops. It is also available online and can be shipped to countries worldwide.

Hokkaido milk tea is known for its creamy and sweet taste. Compared to regular black tea, Hokkaido milk tea has a high proportion of Hokkaido milk. It also contains sugar, which enhances the sweetness of the Hokkaido milk. In addition, Hokkaido milk tea does not contain any oil or butter. This makes it healthier than most flavored teas common in many coffee shops today.

In recent years, Hokkaido milk tea has become very popular outside Japan. Online stores sell Hokkaido milk tea powder and pre-mixed bottles of Hokkaido milk tea. These can be shipped to countries like Singapore and Canada, where access to Japanese products is relatively easy.

Hokkaido flavor milk tea

Hokkaido flavor milk is a milk tea that uses Hokkaido milk as the main ingredient. Hokkaido milk is known for its creamy and sweet taste, making the Hokkaido flavor milk tea a popular drink in Japan.

Hokkaido flavor milk tea is usually made by mixing black tea with Hokkaido milk and sugar. However, Hokkaido flavor milk powder is also available in many stores in Japan, which can be used to make Hokkaido flavor milk simply by adding water.

This drink has become very popular outside of Japan as well. Online stores sell Hokkaido flavor milk powder, while some coffee shops offer Hokkaido flavor milk on their menu.

Method of preparation

  1. Prepare 100ml of hot water for each serving you want to prepare.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of Hokkaido flavor milk into each cup or mug, then add 3 teaspoons of sugar into the mug/cup.
  3. Pour the hot water into the mug/cup, after which Hokkaido milk tea is ready to be served. You can also add bubble tea pearls or Hokkaido flavor milk jelly cubes for enhanced taste.
Best Japanese Teas - Hokkaido, Okinawa & Royal Milk Tea

Hokkaido milk tea recipe


  • 1 teaspoon of Hokkaido milk powder
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • 100 ml of hot water
  • A cup or mug

Okinawa Milk Tea

Okinawa milk tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage enjoyed by people all over Okinawa. This tea is made with black tea, milk, and sugar, and it can be served hot or cold.

There are many different varieties of Okinawa milk tea, and each one is unique and flavorful. The most popular flavors include honeydew, Okinawa coffee, Okinawa brown sugar, and Okinawa grapefruit.

Okinawa milk tea is a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed any time of the day. In Okinawa, it is served in cafes and at many restaurants and other food establishments. It can even be bought from vending machines throughout Okinawa for an affordable price.

If you are looking for a refreshing and delicious beverage to enjoy, Okinawa milk tea is a great choice. It is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Royal Milk Tea

Okinawa milk tea

Typical royal milk tea is a blend of black tea, evaporated milk, and malt. The ingredients are heated together on low heat until the mixture becomes smooth. Some variations of royal milk tea include adding spices or herbs for flavor, including star anise, ginseng, cinnamon, vanilla beans, orange peels, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, and cloves.

The royal milk tea has a rich and creamy flavor that is perfect for soothing your senses. It’s also a great beverage to enjoy during the winter months. In addition, the tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a versatile drink choice.

If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing beverage to enjoy, royal milk tea is an excellent choice. You can serve the tea hot or cold. The flavor of this drink is mild and smooth, and it has a rich and creamy taste that sets it apart from other types of tea beverages.

To make royal milk tea, you need the following ingredients: royal milk tea powder, evaporated milk, water. The drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, and it has a rich and creamy flavor that is perfect for soothing your senses in the winter months. This beverage also makes an excellent choice for a party or another special occasion because it’s delicious and refreshing.


  • royal milk tea powder
  • evaporated milk
  • water


In a pot on the stovetop, bring 1 cup of water for each royal milk teabag being used to a boil. Once boiling, add one royal milk teabag per cup of water being used. Boil 2-5 minutes and remove royal milk tea bags. Add 1 cup of evaporated milk per royal milk tea bag and stir until mixed thoroughly. Let royal milk tea stand for 5-10 minutes before serving. Serve hot or cold.

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